Depression as Comedy?

Kevin Breel, a 19 year-old comedian, displays an incredible amount of awareness and bravery as he describes his battle with depression. Beyond his personal struggle is a greater issue: the stigma and ignorance that still clouds the importance of mental health.

What can you learn from Kevin? How can we be more loving of each other and ourselves? How can we support those in need, not push them away?

Authority in Parenting- Ron Taffel

As some of you know, I also work in an adolescent partial hospital program at Bradley Hospital. There, I conduct family therapy and focus on teaching parents the importance of consistency, limit setting, and acceptance of an authoritative figure with their teens.

In this video, Ron Taffel does a great job explaining the difficulties this generation of parents are facing and how to overcome them.

What’s your idea of good parenting? What skills do you use?

Physical benefits of mental health

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has published a recent study on the positive physical effects of mental health counseling and behavior change therapy. Tell us what you think? What physical effects do you enjoy from working on your mental health?

NCBI Study


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