What are you experiencing right now? We can start there.
Brittany Drozd, LCSW provides a series of services to assess and provide solutions for your mental health concerns, interpersonal relationships, physical health, fitness, and nutrition.

Based on the integrative therapy model, Brittany specializes in combining the most effective aspects of different frameworks to provide a tailor-made therapy just for you.

Each person, and each person’s problems, are unique and should be treated as such. Comprehensive assessments are offered to guide the treatment in the exact direction you need to meet your goals.

Treatment plans are created based on these assessments in order to strategize your lifestyle transition and create lasting behavior change.

Coaching services are provided to address the goal-oriented, yet disorganized, mind or business. Re-evaluate your mission and vision to achieve satisfaction and success.

I believe that the work you do on yourself if the most important work you will every do! And it should also be fun! Follow the blog to find out how to make lasting mental health and wellness changes to be your best self!
Blogger: Brittany Drozd is a licensed clinical social worker currently practicing in Providence, RI. She works in private practice at the Therapy Collaborative and part time at a children’s psychiatric hospital in East Providence. Her background in is both clinical and macro social work, with international program development and management experience. She has a healthy lifestyle that started more as a hobby, but is gradually becoming a profession by integrating knowledge of all types of healthy choices into her mental health practice with clients. Once we begin to see the mind and body as a whole, then we will begin to treat it as one.
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