What’s your vision?


So you made a New Year’s resolution and a week in it’s already difficult to remember it and stay on track. You’re not alone. 

How can you make your goals an everyday part of your life?

 Visual ques. Take a note from your friends on Pinterest and create a vision board!

What’s a vision board? Anything that is inspiring, related to your goals, and encourages you to get after it!

Above is an example of a men’s fitness vision board (or porn for women, whichever!). If you’re looking for aesthetic results from health and fitness, then this is a great vision board for you.

Looking for something different? Below are some great goal categories to consider. Pick no more than 3 visions for your vision board; any more would be confusing.


Put your vision board somewhere where you will see it! In your office, on the fridge, or in your car to see on the way to work. Make sure it’s in a place that you will see it EVERYDAY!

Above all else, you vision board should reflect who you authentically are and what you really want in life! Choose pictures that motivate you immediately and make you strive to be your best self!

Already have a vision board? Submit a picture or a link to it below! Need help formulating your vision? Contact me for a free consultation!

What do you think?

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